The life of man without letters is death.没有知识的人,生同于死。


I went to an expensive restaurant, with my two small kids, and without a jacket. We had booked three months before, for an early sitting on a Tuesday.

The restaurant, when we arrived was clearly more formal than we were. How much more formal? Much. There seemed to be three staff permanently assigned to each table. It could have been horrible scary embarrassing. There was only one focus in everything they did.

To make us comfortable and ensure that everyone enjoyed the evening.

I was lent a jacket. Not something that they had around for random tourist idiots, but taken to a back room, where there were hundreds of jackets, and care was taken to ensure it fitted, and that I liked it and was comfortable with it.

Our focus was now on the kids, and so was theirs. They knew their menu was not kid friendly so we discussed what would work, all the way through.

The staff knew that dining at this price point was not something I did every day, or every year for that matter, but they worked as hard as they could to make sure that this was going to be the best dining experience I had on the trip.

Eighteen years later, I can say that they succeeded.